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Xuân is a French artist with Vietnamese and Chinese origins. She is a songwriter and a light-lyric soprano singer with pop, rock, soul musical influences.

In her musical tale « Winter Rêverie », Xuân takes us – and she does this with some personal emotion – to her magical universe inspired by manga culture, Japanese animation and fantastic films.

« Winter Rêverie » is about loss, nostalgia and hope.
This is the story of a young girl with an unquiet spirit tormented by her past, present and future. To forget the pain, the girl escapes into a parallel world, between dreams and reality, and gradually sinks into a sweet madness. This is the winter of her life, the troubled waters.

This debut album is written in English and is the first of a tetralogy. This is as well a spiritual quest divided into four albums, four seasons and the four elements that govern the natural order, in a Dark Fantasy universe.

She produced her debut album in partnership with composer/arranger Loïc Lannoy and with Urban Groove Team directed by composer/arranger/producer David Lafilay.
The French mangaka VanRah ( Stray Dog / Glénat ) illustrated this album and the cover artwork is used on this website background.


Winter Rêverie

Between fantasy and reality…

Release date: Friday, September 16th, 2016
Format: digital album
Distribution: RouteNote – GO TO DIRECT STORE

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lost a loved one. She put her life on hold and took care of others to overcome the grief and distress of loss.
She had lived by the rules for several years to fit into the real world where she met her first demons. She froze her heart and escaped to another world, between dreams and reality, to seek refuge and forget the pain.


Cover Artwork: “Mizu” © VanRah

Words: Xuân & Sébastien Guignot
Music: Xuân & Sébastien Guignot
Arrangements: Loïc Lannoy, David Lafilay

Music Production

Producer / Artistic directors: Urban Groove Studio / Cécilia Lafilay, David Lafilay

Lead Vocal : Xuân
Feminine Choir : Xuân, Cécilia Lafilay
Masculine Choir : computer programming by David Lafilay
Keyboards : Loïc Lannoy, David Lafilay
Guitares : Marco Gaoussou Déni Sissoko, Guillaume Baronce
Bass Guitar : David Lafilay
Drums & percussions : computer programming by David Lafilay

Label & Publisher: ⓟ & © 2016 LUCILLE7
Music Producer: Urban Groove Studio / David Lafilay & Cécilia Lafilay

Video Production

Graphic Charter: Xuân
Character’s Physical Charter: Xuân, VanRah
Producer / Artistic directors: Bisous Production / Olivier Bucheron, Anaïs Wild

Motion Capture : Bisous Production
Character Design 3D : Olivier Bucheron
3D : Olivier Bucheron
rigging : Olivier Bucheron
lighting / texturing /render : Olivier Bucheron
motion design : Olivier Bucheron
modeling : Olivier Bucheron
mocap : Olivier Bucheron
clothes and hair simulations : Olivier Bucheron
Compositing / SFX / Montage : Anaïs Wild

Video Producer: Bisous Production
Copyright & Executive Producer: © 2016 LUCILLE7





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23 Feb Thursday

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Le Réservoir - Paris
18 Feb Saturday

Xuân’s Showcase at Live Music Brunch

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Le Réservoir - Paris
28 Jan Saturday

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Conservatoire Maurice Ravel
15 Oct Saturday

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50 Rue des Serbes, 06400 Cannes
The Station Tavern
5 Jun Sunday

Open Mic at Jazz Comedy Brunch

16 Rue de la Forge Royale, 75011 Paris
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28 May Saturday

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21 May Saturday

Open Play Paris at la Scène du Canal

116 quai de jemmapes, 75010 paris
CRL 10 - Espace Jemmapes
2 Apr Saturday

Open Mic at Jazz Comedy Brunch

16 Rue de la Forge Royale, 75011 Paris
Le Réservoir
6 Feb Saturday

Open Mic at ACP La Manufacture Chanson

124 avenue de la république, 75011 Paris
Espace Christian Dente
7 Jan Thursday



Winter Rêverie



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